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Tiffany Schebesch is a registered dietitian and the founder of Peak Nutrition Consulting.


She graduated from the University of Guelph with a BASc in Applied Human Nutrition before completing her accredited internship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Her passion for the outdoors and love of the mountains brought her out west to British Columbia. She soon opened her private practice with the vision of helping clients to be healthy and rediscover their love of food and cooking. With a basis in mindful and intuitive eating, she helps clients create lasting changes towards their nutrition goals.  She specializes in weight loss and sports nutrition She also has experience in prenatal nutrition and a variety of chronic conditions including IBS, IBD, diabetes and heart health.


She is a member of the College of Dietitians of British Columbia, Dietitians of Canada, SportMedBC and the Canadian Obesity Network. Her foundations are rooted in evidence-based practice, counselling for behaviour change and motivational interviewing. More than just educating, Tiffany focuses on listening to clients and learning about their health issues. This leads to overcoming barriers and concerns to help them discover real solutions and regain control of their health.


When she’s not counselling clients, Tiffany loves to take advantage of all the beautiful Elk Valley has to offer. You can find her running and exploring the trails, hiking, snowboarding, biking or swimming in one of the beautiful lakes!


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We are the experts in nutrition! A registered dietitian is a regulated health care professional and is a protected title across Canada. To become a dietitian, you must complete a 4-year undergraduate degree from an approved University, a 1-year internship and pass a national exam. Dietitian’s are regulated by a provincial body and must follow a code of ethics; meaning the consumer can rest assured that a dietitian’s advice is reliable, credible, and valid. Dietitians base their advice on the latest science and research in combination with clinical judgement to ensure you’re being provided the best possible service!


In British Columbia, “nutritionist” is not a protected title and their practice is not regulated. Nutritionists are not held responsible to a regulated college, cannot work in hospitals and are not clinically trained to treat patients with diseases or chronic conditions. This is why it’s important to check the training and education before choosing your nutrition professional.  

To learn more about dietitians check out Dietitians of Canada at

Why choose a registered dietitian?
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